The Academy For A Better World

"The Academy for a Better World" - Here they give direction about rajayoga meditation. The center of this academy is   "BRAMHA KUMARIES" . There's a lot of branches across the world. Without paying they  give direction regardless of race or creed...
Here is the website:
          Brahma Kumaris

You have to click to find location at your nearest place by clicking  "Location near you".at the bottom of website.

To see video:

Discover The Spirit Within Essentials of Raja Yoga

Finally, I say, there is no limit to knowledge ... Here is a quick overview of a few. For more details on "The Academy for a Better World" - were invited to come to the ...

Here  is the address  of  Bangladesh-

Academy for a Better World
Bholanandagiri Ashrome, - the opposite of Central Women's College ......
PHONE NO: - 01911383442

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