Well, I say, "know.thyself". What is the meaning of this word?  I can know about myself? interesting.. Where are you tomorrow? Destination? Eat what? How is your character? Today, "know thyself"- with this name using the biological functions of the talk show, the drama! Anatomy, even if any part of education - that's what work is shown in the figure. What are the benefits?  change someone's point of view is, I do not know. Was, " know thyself," said the word people discuss its depth? Too far in the "know yourself" means that in Sanskrit language"atmanong biddhi." Forget it!  The end!
When the priest loudly or completeness  erudition our knowledge base is shown to demonstrate the spirit of wisdom ... I use the term in a lecture at the strange thing is that ordinary people like us .... I hear all the lectures pair of traveling I say "you know ... Namah namah ... you do not like it ... do not you people .......... gods. "But it's a matter of too little ..........
Then come the other way, giving an example, we reminded the audience of the catching thief, but we have not got a question, why would that man is ...?
Many people say that poor people can not eat .... ok .. The lack of those, repeatedly stolen ... what about them? Practice. Well, this is it ... this is how the practice or how many people think it ?  Scholars can not be seen  in this place ... guaranteed...
Ok ... let's take another context, they make conference about  Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Swami Vivekananda ..  About  Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Vivekananda said about soul .But does anybody discuss about in this conference-I did not hear. Religion - how much money is behind the action ... What are some of the hassle ... Who are we? For us, it is seen that these can be discussed? it's seem  that it is a anthropological  subject to research ...
Sorry for chatter   ...  ...  ... the 'soul' of the little that I know ... I have to say ...

What is the difference between a dead man and a live man? One has life other's has not. Someone says that  'life' is the Heart Beat item. Bit of the heart stops, when people die. Well,remember what the answer to this? There are some exception that many times  'heart bit' on instead of stop.What would you say in this matter?
But people think that we feel evil or good  that depends on  BRAIN ... OK ... I get it, but sometime in our mind - music, painting or poetry writing  this kind of intuition wake up . Their It is understood, that our life depends one type of cognition ...
This sensation is Sanskrit language  'ATMA' or in english 'SOUL'
The question this time is the "soul is." In the spirit of power, which depends on the perception of the existence of our life, which is in the midst of our eye-brow position in our forehead.

Let me explain what I say ...
In Srimadbhagabada Gita we read that many subtle perception of the power of the soul that can not be cut, that can not be burnt, that cannot be done humidity . There is not even seen by the eyes. The amorphous soul, indestructible.
The structure of the soul before I could wake of questions, which are not seen by the eyes, how do you feel exist in this context, one would think. Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda is a hallow.
Swami Vivekananda was getting tired on the way of walking. When he was saying "I'm a strong soul." He was  feeling with energy. The way it started off fatigue.
Thus, if we think that, I'm soul of light., I am strong soul, the holy soul ,soul of the scholar  We have strong chances, to be a strong ,scholar...
Let's go a little deeper now ........
Basically, my soul, intellect, personality is formed by. 'Soul' word is known about the structure, but may be unknown. The last thing .......

Mind -When  we think something  that popped up in mind.  ..Function of feeling works in mind..I discuss it
Intellect - When we do judgement that's function  goes on wit. Wit determine if it is bad, not good.
So let us say -
For example, ., 1.You'll go to the market
2.when do you go, how to go function  of souls works in mind. 2 no.  function  of souls works in Intellect.
Come now, let reforms. Trick us - the good - the nature of evil, multiplied reforms thing works.
The good - the bad that works in personality . Explain that quality thing.
Personality: Someone from childhood has a lot of interest in piano or guitar, or can play better. There is no surety when personality wake up.

ok...Now i am going to tell true colors of souls to come ........

What is it again? Wait....take a little rest......

Well, when we're standing in front of mirror,our images come out that is our real nature?   troubled face,  buried of lust- it is  you like this? did not even come to this kind of question in your's mind?
What was it again? What is the relationship between the soul and face?
I said that the soul is the mind. Face is the mirror of the mind.. What was it again?
 When we are calm or peace, then what happens? Cool - We remain in peace.Cheerful appearance comes out in face ****
Another thing is that, when a religious reformation - the Ramadan in Muslims, Hindu's worship, Buddhist or Christian religious festivals - such as when we believe in what we are experiencing?
Say that you are experiencing? Happy, happy, holy ****
But another point - come on, we have a state of the mind is weak, it can not adapt to, can not detect something, they can not tolerate a lack of work, tell them what?
What? What? That is, the power ****

Time '*' points are again, I think my soul .....Are You  going to mess up ? don't worry. I am going to summarize .soul of identity..
1. My soul of calm - For
In. My soul in peace - nature
3. My soul of power -For
4 ..My Holy Soul - For
5 .. My spirit of joy - For

Take a little rest again......
The main points of time - come on ....
I think it's a question can appear in mind people who read this carefully previous step..Why don't we remain in true colors of soul ?
 The environment affect  us. We have to  change the way of living.
When a man will remain in a bad environment for a few days ... if there is a change, do you? ... he will behave rough ... he will fight ..
And another .... there is no better environment for a few days if you want to change, what is the matter in behavior ??You behave good...  ....
I have made clear you from this, our  mind  be affected  by the environment.
Thus,  as we  forget  the nature of our souls when  we  go to both right and wrong environment.
Now to the nature of the soul (identity) .. how to restore? By the conjunction of Supreme Soul with the soul ..

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